Have you tried talking about customer support with Fred from Accounting? This is what meetups were invented for. What’s better than swapping stories and ideas with someone who understands where you’re coming from? Where do you find people to talk to about support related topics?

What if there was an online meetup for customer support? An online meetup for the people who are the only ones dedicated to support at their company or the only one who geeks out about support on their team.

Some meetups have speakers. Others have panels. That’s great but the magic happens in the side conversations. The conversations between attendees about their successes and failures. That’s where the energy and excitement is generated. That’s why I want to help create an online meetup that encourages people to have side conversations.

We have the tools that we need to make this work. The tools that help Nick in Portland support the software written by Amy in London are the same tools that make it possible to do an online meetup. If we can build and support multimillion dollar software companies with remote workers, I’m optimistic that we can help two people have a meaningful conversation online.

One way that this could work is I would suggest a topic, like “How do you spread customer awareness to the rest of the company?”, and collect questions from people who want to attend. We find a time that works for most people and hop into a chat room. I would take the questions and post them for the group to consider. People post their responses in the chat room and if I’m really curious about the particulars of your response, I’ll send you a direct message and we’ll have a side conversation about it!

I have no idea if it would go smoothly in practice, but just like remote work requires new ideas about collaboration, we’ll have to come up with new ideas for how meetups work online. It’s going to take a lot of experimentation to get it right.

What’s next? Holding a meetup!

We’re building an online community with listeners and guests from the podcast. We organize online meetups around support and related topics.

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