Puts a lot of stock in great experiences. Purveyor of the #highfive. Fighting the good fight.

Puts a lot of stock in great experiences. Purveyor of the #highfive. Fighting the good fight.

This is part of a series we’re doing to help people in our community get to know the person behind the chat screen. Say hi to Jordan Munson aka @jordanmunson in the chat room and Customer Champion at Wistia.

Alarm goes up, get up on the first try. Snoozing is losing.

After a quick shower and such, off to my favorite breakfast spot, Union Square Donuts. Read some news and social media over breakfast.

Good morning @unionsquaredonuts!

Good morning @unionsquaredonuts!

Hop on the bus to work, read and respond to some personal and work emails.

Arrive in the office, say hello to folks. Drop my lunch in the fridge and get to settling in. First order of business: outstanding conversations in my work e-mail.

Personal emails taken care of, now onto the support inbox. Per usual, ongoing conversations with new replies first. This generally takes a while lately since my priority has shifted to less “regular support” and more “technical escalation”, meaning I handle a lot of the more technical and bizarre things that get beyond the expertise of my fellow customer happiness team members.

Today is a bit lighter than normal in terms of difficulty of problems. Usually there’s a couple ongoing, throw-your-hands-up sort of things to work through. Pretty refreshing.

Answering questions and chiming in on conversations in our various HipChat rooms inbetween emails. Making sure the couple folks who started on the customer happiness team this week have their questions addressed.

My “tech champ” office hours. For the sake of my own sanity, I imposed a system where there are two hours a day that people can actively badger me about things being escalated due to technical stuff. This is a pretty new system, so it remains to be seen how effective it is. Week one is proving helpful thus far.

This time around, there were a couple of clarifications on how specific things under the Wistia hood work so other customer champs can work to suss out the most helpful info from customers to figure out how to best handle things with customers.

The best feeling is being appreciated as a person and for your efforts. <3 @wistia

The best feeling is being appreciated as a person and for your efforts. <3 @wistia

Lunchtime. Brought some leftover shrimp scampi that my girlfriend and I had made the night before. I don’t bring leftovers often, I like getting out of the office for a few minutes to go grab lunch somewhere. That shrimp scampi was damn good, though.

Back to it. Onto some other tough threads, finding various places that Wistia can improve to better mitigate situations down the road. Pretty regular stuff. Couple hours of digging deep on issues.

Trip number five to get water. Must stay hydrated. Very hydrated.

Second office hours session of the day, this one much busier than the last. I went over how to best troubleshoot the trickiest trouble in all of Wistia: playback issues. It involved explaining the process, the information that’s helpful (and why it’s helpful), and how to tease that info out of customers. Involved things like drawing on whiteboards and making lists.

Finishing the day strong by filing some issues in GitHub, crushing a few more email threads, and generally facilitating things.

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's finish this work week strong!

Happy Friday, everyone! Let’s finish this work week strong!

Brief chat in the kitchen with Jeff (head of Customer Happiness) about what the breakout of support looks like going forward, and the concept of “escalation” of tickets, and how to best scope what’s realistically in the use case coverage for a standard customer champ to support. Felt like a really productive conversation.

After a pretty productive day, time to head home. Need to recharge the batteries (and play some Magic: The Gathering with my buddy Rory).

Me crushing Rory in Magic

Me crushing Rory in Magic

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