We make stone soup every day in our Slack chat room. The soup starts with a question. It might be a question about dealing with chargebacks, or maybe it’s a question about where customer (service/support/experience/insert-the-word-you-want-here) is going to be 3 years from now. For many, the question is a little bit dry, it’s hard to chew, and slightly bland. Someone throws a carrot into our soup by asking a clarifying question. Another person adds seasoning by sharing a story about how they handled a similar situation. Occasionally we get a little spice in the form of contrarian opinions. All of these ideas and stories transform what started out as a simple question into a delicious and nourishing soup enjoyed by all.

When you get some of the best people in support talking, magic happens. I want to channel some of that magic into a book that we can all learn from. A book of stories about the ways support works with development, with marketing and across the whole company. Through interviews and conversations, we’ll go behind the scenes to discover the different ideas that people have tried. From newsletters to dashboards, all hands support to company wide presentations and everything in between, we’ll explore the conditions that led to those ideas. We’ll talk about results, lessons learned, and how to do try out these ideas at your own company. It’s not always easy working with other teams but it’s important for any support team to bring value to your customers and your company. If this sounds like your thing, check out #book in our Slack chat room. It’s a place for sharing and talking about the bits and pieces that go into bringing this book into life.

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