“The goal was to create a system that would essentially replace the time spent fiddling with payments and tickets for moments of personal interactions with visitors. The MagicBands and MyMagicPlus allow employees to “move past transactions, into an interactive space, where they can personalize the experience,” Crofton says. What started as a grand technology platform has inevitably changed the texture of the experience.”

— Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband — Wired

I doubt you’re giving out magic bands to your customers. But look at the idea behind those bands. It’s all about eliminating those boring transactions in favor of the experience. Instead of fiddling with paper tickets at the gate, you swipe your band and walk right into magical world of Disney.

That’s how you should be thinking about your product’s experience. Your team should be making those transactions at easy as possible. Updating billing info, resetting passwords, changing an email address – those are all things that a customer should be able to do painlessly without requiring help from your support team.

Once you make those transactions easy, you’ll be able to focus on personalizing the customer’s experience with your app. You can move from handling the “how do you do this” questions into the “why you would do this” ones. That’s when you start making customers awesome at their jobs just by using your app.

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