“There comes a time when the only answer is “no.” Some requests just aren’t feasible. Maybe a customer is treating you like a consulting business. While some hand-holding is fine, they’ve got to learn to walk someday.

But imagine answering a genuinely enthusiastic request with a blunt “no.” It can sting. Stay firm but kind by stating how you’d like to help, but it’s just not possible in this situation.”

— Phrases to Improve Every Support Interaction — Help Scout 

Saying “no” to a customer is always tough. We’re customer people so it’s natural that we want to say yes as much as we can!

But I like how the Help Scout team softens that “no” with the phrase “As Much As I’d Love to Help…”. If a customer wants an in-person, two-day training session with your product, you’re probably going to say “no”. Rather than putting it bluntly, you could try “As much as I’d love to help, your request is beyond what we’re able to do for customers.”

It’s still a “no” but it’s a way better answer compared to “Sorry – no”.

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