5:30 am
I just woke up to only one child in my room. Score!

5:40 am
I’m finally dragging myself out of bed. I put on water for coffee and find all the kid stuff that should have been found last night.

6:20 am
All 3 kids are up and the chaos to get them out the door begins.

7:00 am
I managed to drop off the kids at daycare and return home to my coffee and smoothie. Home roasted coffee makes mornings bearable. I head up to my “office” to read while I drink my breakfast.

Why yes, that was a linen closet in my master bedroom!

Why yes, that was a linen closet in my master bedroom!

7:30 am
A caffeinated Sarah is hitting the tickets. The first is a nasty review by someone who is royally pissed that I can’t make an heirloom culture act like a lab-created culture. The second is an email from someone who had initially requested a full refund and is now telling all her friends they need to start culturing with our products. I like the second one more.
The next 3 hours are spent jumping between chats and emails. We don’t do phone support, but I do call on returned packages. There is one of those today. Apparently his postal carrier decided last week he doesn’t live there anymore. I also call a woman having trouble with yogurt, but who is unable to type due to an injury.

10:30 am
After a light morning of emails and chats, it’s time to switch gears. I have been frustrated with our knowledge base since I started here 2 years ago. I got the green light to start over last week. With a catalog of hundreds of products, this is going to take some time. I’ve asked my recent hire to help out. I’m getting him up to speed on the format for his assignment.
Since we recently switched to Help Scout, I’m experimenting with the Docs feature. I really love the idea of being able to search for answers in the middle of an email. So does my team.

11:00 am
Normally I have a Skype meeting with my manager on Tuesday mornings. We just had a chat over Slack to determine there is no need for a meeting today. Having the time scheduled is great, but it’s even better to not have unnecessary meetings!

11:45 am
Here’s a fun twist of events. Our server hates me and has blocked my IP address (again). Thanks to Hola for the temporary fix, and our web guy for the longer fix. I don’t know why Mark doesn’t hate me.

Noon lunch break. Is it a break if you spend the time checking on cultures? Today it’s a real break. I usually take my 30 minutes to do laundry, take a shower and load the dishwasher. Today, I’m checking on kefir, kimchi, sufu and starting some sprouts. I even ate real(ish) food. Mac and cheese isn’t just for kids! I am also racking my brain for a blog post.

Just your normal collection of water kefir, milk kefir and bubbling veggies

Just your normal collection of water kefir, milk kefir and bubbling veggies

I’m having more coffee while I try to picture the knowledge base layout for the books. I have already made shell articles and added info to many of the. I also need to interview our original support team member, Anita. She has an incredible amount of knowledge in her brain that needs to be recorded. I’m also reading over the AMA on the SD Slack chat. I learn so much from these really brilliant support people!

1:00 pm
Back to support. I have replacements to log, more packages to find and product questions from my team. Now that I’m working on the KB, product questions fire me up. I can’t wait to get them all in one, easily searchable spot! My coworker and I are also discussing the edits for our order confirmation email and the gift card email. Short and simple is something we can both agree on.

1:20 pm
My sister stops by to use my wifi and chat. I have pretty awesome family. I pick their brain about some ideas for designing the training materials I’m writing. It’s only for a an hour, and I’m alone again with my hilarious customers. There is something about people who are excited to ferment food. They’re an awesome bunch!

Today is really slow. Tuesdays tend to be one of our slow days, but also draw out people with really off the wall questions. Things like, “I want to make kombucha, but I don’t use tea, or sugar, and I don’t do caffeine. And I don’t want it to taste sour.” My favorites are the ones where people are trying to replicate something they had when they were young, or while visiting another country. Food is a powerful unifier and making it at home to share with others draws people together.

Hearing success stories is fun. I love it when people turn their health around by switching to cultured food. Especially if they check in later to let me know that they feel great and their doctor is floored. I wish I could hug those heroes!
Most of the questions are about activating heirloom cultures. They act differently, and most of the time the first batch doesn’t go well and people panic. I really don’t think you could sell heirloom cultures without support. Too many people would give up and think it’s the culture’s fault. I’m pretty sure too many people do give up, in fact.

3:30 pm
I’m off tickets, but still working on my project. I’m also around on Slack to answer team questions. I’m one of the few who has used nearly all of our products, and I retain info well. I’m also around to unsubscribe people from mailing lists or approve special scenario replacements, etc. We are getting ready to carry lots of new products, so for the most part, everyone is off reading and plotting new projects. We get new products for free and it’s possibly one of the best perks of the job. In turn, we create Facebook posts, blog posts, and develop recipes for the site.

4:00 pm
My boys are home from school and bickering over chores. They have to finish those before they get the wifi password. Yes, I am one of those moms. I love working from home so I can get the run down on their day and still be at work. I’ll finish up some work emails and log off for the evening at 5:00. Then I’ll get my daughter from daycare, make dinner, supervise homework, wash dishes, prep lunches for tomorrow and get my middle son ready for his outing with his dad.

After kids are in bed, I usually put in another hour or so while the house is quiet. It’s more fun than cleaning the house. I might also work on that lotion recipe bouncing around in my head. The inspiration (read: insanity) never ends!

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