“NPS surveys can capture an overall trend in customer loyalty, but the results won’t tell you WHY that trend is happening. This leaves customer service leaders perplexed over next steps, taking stabs in the dark to improve NPS for the next quarter. If we reply to customers faster, will they become promoters? If we reduce our price, will we have fewer detractors? Using only one set of survey results is like trying to catch a ball with one eye closed – you have no perspective.”

— What Your Net Promoter Score Isn’t Telling You — Sarah Chambers

There’s so many different big-picture customer surveys you can do – CSAT, NPS, CES, etc. We even did a whole Support Ops episode on it to try and sort through them all. But the big picture that Sarah points to here is the right one – if you don’t know why a trend is showing up in your surveys, you can’t do anything about it.

There’s not one metric that you can point to and say “This is the only one we’re going to focus on. It’s the one true metric that’ll tell us everything we need.” Instead, it’s a mix of comparing different results to different survey tools. That’s when the big picture emerges and you get actionable data.


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