Have you ever wondered what people in support get paid? We do! It’s come up in the chat room several times but it’s not easy to find salary information for support online.

What started as a conversation around an annual review and what fair compensation looked like led to Diana Potter creating a survey. She thoughtfully designed questions around cost of living, company size, experience and a host of other relevant points of data in addition to salary. We shared that survey among the Support Driven community and the results are in! You can check out the data.

Data is interesting but you know what’s even better? Brian Kerr (@briankerr) analyzing that data to answer some great questions. Questions like do women make more than men? Do bigger companies pay more than smaller companies? Does it pay to work remotely? Check out his analysis and tips on maximizing salary in support.

Thanks to Diana for taking the initiative to put together the survey, Brian for writing a guide to the data and to everyone that took the survey and shared details on this sensitive subject. We’re better off as an industry for it.

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