The results from our Support Driven Conference survey are in and here’s a few things I’ve learned from it.


A good conference is a lot like a good product. It addresses specific needs for a specific audience. So rather than asking people about what they’d like to see in the conference, I asked them what they wanted to get out of the conference.

What do people want out of a conference?


This is a great first step to understanding what’s important to folks and setting priorities. My takeaway from this is people look for professional development first and building relationships second from a conference.
The next step is to have conversations with a few folks that participated in the survey to better understand what’s important to them.

Location, location, location

One big question that comes up with conferences is location. Location has implications for everything from venue, to food, to travel time and more. Where would folks be willing to travel?

Where would people be willing to go for a conference?


The worst case scenario would be a split vote because that means any location would only work for half of the folks that answered the survey. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. It seems like people are willing to travel for a compelling conference. So


The biggest question I had for this survey wasn’t on the survey. How many folks would care for a Support Driven Conference? At 5 or 10 people, we should be thinking about hosting a dinner party rather than a conference.

Number of responses: 53

To put that number into context…

membership chart

So there’s clearly demand for a support related conference and as we continue to grow, it looks like we can reach enough people to host a small conference next year. We still have a long way to go and lots of work to do before we can say there’ll be a Support Driven Conference next year… but it does look promising.

To hear more about the conference as it comes together, check out the newsletter we’ve set up for it.

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