The first day of the #challenge has passed and I’m excited to share the writings of our community with you. For some folks, it was about starting a new fire on their blogs. For others, it was a reason to start a blog.

Side Escalation

Sometimes customers aren’t being responsive even when you’ve put in a lot of time and effort to help them out. Don’t stress out waiting for a response! Brian shares a strategy you can try in this situation to reduce your stress and increase the customer’s happiness.


Mercer is an awesome editor. She’ll take a look at a piece of writing I’ve wrestled with and quickly offer some changes and suggestions that takes it from being a piece of burnt toast to a dish I can serve without embarrassment. It’s not going to win any prizes but I can tell my writing gets better with Mercer’s help.

So I’m really happy that she’s taking a part in the challenge and her first post is about taking some time to reflect on challenge and her feeling about writings. Here’s to facing the cringe and not backing down.

Awesome Managers Take Nice Long Vacations

Morton makes the case for managers to leave their team alone. He introduces the idea of stretching the team that I really hope he expands into a post of it’s own.

The Spin and Snap Rule

Life happens. You’ll have bad days. When it does, your customers shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of it. Laura shares a tip she learned early on for not bringing bad vibes to work.

Doing the KPI – Resource Constraint Dance

Denise dreams in KPI’s… or maybe it’s just Q4. She raises some interesting questions about taking on new responsibilities and hitting new goals with the same team as you had last quarter.

I’m impressed with everyone that’s stepped up to the writing challenge and I’m looking forward to reading more from these fine folks. Be sure to check out their sites regularly this month to see what else they’re sharing.

If this sounds like fun, join us! We’d love to read your writing.

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