Product managers need your help.

Reading the Lean Startup will help you help them. The Lean Startup confirms something you may have already suspected. Product managers don’t know what customers want.

How do customers feel about a new feature? Which features are they having problems using? Why are customers leaving?

This is where your help is invaluable. You talk to customers all day. Love it or hate it, customers will tell you how they feel. Getting this information back to your product managers is like giving glasses to a near-sighted person. It’s not going to be perfect, but no one with near-sightedness is going to be happy without their glasses.

For information to be useful, you have to understand how your product managers think and what they’re trying to do. It’ll be easier if you can throw around minimum viable product and build measure learn like you’re talking about the weather. Lean Startup is one of those books that every product manager has read or heard of and it’ll help you to start thinking and talking like a product person.

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