Jobs come and go. What you’re asked to do may not always fit in with what you want to do or what you want to learn. Sometimes you choose to leave and sometimes you’re asked to leave. The days of spending your whole career at one company seems more like a fairy tale of a bygone era than a solid career strategy now.

Companies change. The manager that sold you on taking the job? She decided to leave and who knows how your new manager is going to turn out. Perhaps your company has been acquired and now all the rules have changed. The company you joined is not going to be the same in five years. And that might be a good thing or not so much.

One thing that changes far less often is people. The people that love what they do, that have invested their lives to their careers, they’ll still be doing this. They might not be at the same company or in the same role, but they’ll still be here.

Who knows what the future holds. The only safe bet is we’re in for a lot of change. Don’t just think about job you have now. Take the long view and spend some time to build relationships along the way. If you do, you won’t have to navigate those changes alone.

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