This is part of “The Hiring Journey” series, where we are sharing stories about the support hiring process from the viewpoint of team leads and hiring managers. This post is reblogged from Laura Marciano‘s blog.


Culture is such an intimate and important item for a manager to gauge when hiring. New hires are a major influencer on the shape, skill and morale of the team. It can take months to recover from the mistake of a bad culture fit. I’ve learned a few lessons along the way about some key characteristics in my star agents versus the ones that just left nothing but a scar on the team.

There are always a few key questions I ask myself and my staff to verify during the hiring process:

  • Would I be ok with this person potentially becoming my superior one day?
  • If this person were explaining their new role to someone they met in a bar, would they be able to effectively communicate what the mission of the company is? How enthusiastic would they be?
  • Would I want to have a beer or go to lunch…

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