As you may have heard, we’re organizing a conference for support professionals.

Conferences take a fair bit of time. There’s time out of your work and your life to travel, time to learn and time to engage with other folks at the event. It should be time and travel well-spent.

With your time in mind, we want to be mindful of the talks. Instead of a random scattering of talks to fit a schedule, we want to group talks together so they build up a shared context and your brain is spared from jumping all over the place. We call these themes and we’ve come up with a few example topics for each.

Improving team performance
How do you do more with the team you have?
Example Topics:

  • Leveraging strong team members
  • Learning to be a mentor
  • Helping under-perfomers improve
  • Leading without a title

Owning your career
Strategies and tactics to help move your career forward.
Example Topics:

  • Negotiating your way to fame and fortune
  • Cultivating confidence
  • A long term strategy for building relationships
  • Formulating career goals

Changing the conversation around support
How is support an asset at your company?
Example Topics:

  • Viewing support  beyond entry level
  • Telling stories with data
  • Representing the customer
  • All hands support

Working with product
Ways we can improve the partnership with product.
Example Topics:

  • Improving features before adding new ones
  • Learning why customers choose our product
  • Effectively running experiments

Putting data to work
How can we help our company learn from and understand our customers?
Example Topics:

  • Building relationships with your company
  • Mastering NPS
  • Putting CSAT to work
  • Keeping executives informed

Scaling support
Keeping the magic when we need to grow fast.
Example Topics:

  • Keeping team identity and culture as we hire more people
  • Going to 24/7 support
  • Going international

We hope these themes have given you ideas for stories and experiences you want to share. We’re hard at work on the date and venue for the conference and once that’s sorted out, we’ll announce a call for speakers.

If you’re thinking about speaking, please join our community newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the call for speakers.

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