You’ve heard us talking about SupConf — the conference for folks who want to make a career out of support — and many of you have already asked, “Ooh, ooh, when will you announce a call for speakers?” Well, friends, the time is now.

Would you like to present at the inaugural SupConf in San Francisco May 23-24, 2016? We would love to have you. Since so much of what we do in support cannot be shared publicly, public speaking is a fantastic opportunity to be heard and recognized in the industry.

We are happy to offer a stage where you can share your support driven ideas. We are looking for speakers who are willing to share stories and solutions they’ve discovered on their own career paths in support.

If you:

  • are excited to inspire others to develop careers in support,
  • have learned meaningful lessons on your own support path, and
  • would like to share your experiences, expertise, and actionable solutions with the support community,

please apply for the SupConf Talk Development Program. We aim to bring attendees a career development experience like no other, and we’d love you to share your expertise.

With the talk development program, conference organizers will work with speakers throughout the lead-up to SupConf to mentor, offer guidance, and help surface lessons applicable to attendees. Previous speaking experience is not necessary. The application is open to all, and applications will be anonymized: they will be reviewed based solely on the title and proposal. Feel free to submit more than one proposal if you’ve got more than one idea for a talk.

Application deadline is January 15, 2016.

About the Supconf Talk Development Program

Here’s a bit more about what we’re looking for, and the talk development guidance we will provide for SupConf speakers.

SupConf talks:

  • Are 15 minutes long.
  • Provide 1-2 meaningful lessons that are applicable beyond any one company.
  • Present a call to action that’s relevant for anyone on a support career path.
  • Include an element of story.
  • Address one of SupConf’s five themes.

What you’ll get as a speaker
If we accept your application and you complete the weekly tasks, you’ll present at SupConf May 23-24 in San Francisco. You’ll get:

  • Mentoring and guidance to develop your ideas, story, and call to action.
  • Opportunities for online rehearsals.
  • A complimentary conference pass.

Your commitments
You agree that if we accept your application:

  • You will commit to the talk development program and its milestones (see below) via email.
  • You will participate in regular check-ins with your SupConf talk development mentor.
  • You (or your employer) will cover your travel and accommodation costs.
  • You will follow our code of conduct.
  • We may use your name and photo to promote the conference.
  • We may record your talk and slides (audio, video, photography) for use in social media, marketing, sales and distribution.

You agree to take part on these dates:

  • January 15: Speaker applications close at 11:59pm PST.
  • February 28, 2016: We will notify you as to whether your proposal has been accepted.
  • March 9: Begin working with your mentor from the SupConf talk development program.
  • April 25, 2016: Deadline for final slides.
  • May 11-May20: Opportunities for online rehearsals.
  • May 22: Walk-through at the venue.
  • May 23-24, 2016: SupConf San Francisco.

How to apply

To complete the application form:

  • Choose one of the five themes.
  • Submit a title.
  • Write a brief pitch that summarizes your talk in a few sentences and that addresses what others will learn from it. Here are some resources for developing your pitch. The best pitches will:
    • solve a problem relevant to support professionals.
    • focus on 1 or 2 key takeaways.
    • support claims with evidence and story.
    • inspire action.
    • use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Please note that if you work for a company that sells a product related to the topic, your proposal will not be accepted.

Are you ready? Apply below!

Applications are now closed.

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