This is part of a series we’re doing to help people in our community get to know the person behind the chat screen. Say hi to Javier at @javier in the chat room.

Hello! I’m Javier. I’m part of the awesome team at Geckoboard where I work as a Customer Success Champion. I’m based in London but my team is a distributed one, with members across the globe so we can best take care of our customers.

I try to wake up before my daughter so I am able to get my day started with some structure. If I’m able to do it and I’m not working from home a typical day looks more or less like this:

I try to meditate every day as soon as I wake up. It helps with raising a toddler. After I do that, I touch base via Slack with my colleague based in Mumbai. He’s been covering the ticket queue for the last few hours and I want to make sure that everything’s running as expected.


Hard at work going through the ticket queue

I then have a scan through the Slack channels I belong to. This helps me keep up with all conversations that happened after I left the previous day.

I also reply to any tickets that have arrived on my Zendesk inbox overnight. Once I clear them I look at the main queue and help clear out as much as possible.

Time to wake up the little one. I’m grateful that Geckoboard is such a flexible place to work for. I get to spend every morning with my daughter without rushing. We get to read books, have breakfast together and listen to music while I get her ready. We then take a stroll through one of East London’s canals before I drop her off at her nursery.

Back home.

If the ticket queue is looking busy I jump on it to try to help clear it. I also go through our internal emails. Mostly notifications here as we rarely use email. These notifications usually come from either Slack, Zendesk or Trello. The Trello ones in particular I’m interested in as they’re usually updates about a bug. Or better yet, confirmation that a fix is now live.

Get ready and cycle to work.


My daily commute takes me through Victoria Park, one of my favourite places in London

Standup meeting. This quick daily meeting helps us stay on top of what’s coming up including new features and improvements.

We also use this opportunity to share any concerns we have as a team, for example a possible bug that customers are reporting.

I now sit for a couple of hours on tickets until we clear the backlog.


Prep and research for a particular project I might be working on.

Deep work. Every day is a bit different as I can either spend this time writing articles for our help centre, preparing for a webinar or working on a new video. It might be that I use the time to work on complicated tickets. Today I’m reaching out to customers I manage so see how they’re doing. We recently introduced priority support for company plan customers and my job is to make sure they’re getting the most out of Geckoboard.

My colleague based in Boston has now logged in so we touch base and discuss anything that he should be aware of before the we leave for the day.


Marketing, Sales and Product hard at work

Back to tickets. Many customers have replied to my emails from earlier in the day so I deal with those. I also take care of new tickets so my colleague can take some time to get up to speed with everything that has happened today.

Off to pick up the little one. After we get home I might log in to tie any loose ends ticket-wise and then call it a day.

Thursdays are a bit different. The success team has a meeting to catch up and discuss how the week has been and if there’s any roadblocks or areas of improvement. We also use this time to catch up and get to know each other a little bit better.


Christmas party day! Before we head to our christmas lunch, enjoying some mulled wine with the team

Switch off and disconnect. Time to cook dinner and enjoy the time with the family.

Back on the laptop, disconnecting for me lately means making music or learning Javascript. :-)

That’s pretty much it. This is more or less how a typical day goes around here.

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