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@mrpatto shares – How To Automate Customer Service Without Losing That Personal Touch
“Most people assume that customer service automation is about replacing, or minimizing, human-to-human interaction. That’s not the goal of support automation, and that’s not what this post is about.”

@scott shares – Shields Down
“The reason I’m cranky is I’m doing the math. I’m placing a cost on the departure of a wanted human leaving and comparing that cost with whatever usually minor situation existed in the past that led to a shields-down situation. The departure cost is always exponentially higher.”

@briankerr shares – How To Make Sense Of Any Mess
“It’s hard to be the one to say that something is a mess. Like a little kid standing at the edge of a dark room, we can be paralyzed by fear and not even know how to approach the mess.

I wrote this simple guidebook to help even the least experienced sensemakers tame the messes made of information (and people!) they’re sure to encounter.”

@mercer shares – The Mother of All Blog Posts
“Sounds like you’re looking for someone who is smart and gets things done — a leader who can juggle logistics. Someone who knows when and how to prioritize the never-ending tasks that come their way. Someone who is solving problems before you even realize there are any. Someone that makes everyone excited about the projects they’re working on and about coming into work.”

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