We’re organizing SupConf around the idea of support as a career.

I talk to people that work in customer support nearly every day in the Support Driven community. I’ve talked to people working for companies that would be a challenger for the top spot on any list of best places to work for. People with the flexibility to work wherever they want in the world. People that have spent years successfully building a career in customer support. It’s easy for me to believe in support as a career – I’m surrounded by examples of it every day.

That’s not the case for many people doing support out there. Not everyone gets to work at an amazing company. Not everyone gets the recognition and appreciation that they deserve. Not everyone knows people who are happy and successful in support.

How many people leave support because they don’t know about the opportunities that are available to them or they don’t know people with successful careers in support? We want to do something about that.

We’re launching a Kickstarter in a few weeks for SupConf to spread the message of support as a career. We think people are more likely to check out and share ideas on Kickstarter than any other social platform. With your help, we can spread this message far and wide.

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