Great people that love doing support are hard to find. Great companies that value support are hard to find. We created the Support Driven job board to be the place that brings them together.

Our goal is to be the best place to find jobs with companies that value support and support professionals.

There are a lot of customer support jobs out there. Some are amazing opportunities with amazing companies—others, not so much. We don’t want to waste your time with jobs that obviously don’t value support, so we review every job before it gets posted.

We know what a company believes in, how it views the role of support and how it treats its employees are important considerations for any opportunity. That’s why we encourage every job posting to share links about the company’s culture.

Job postings can’t cover every detail and answer every question you might have about an opportunity. When there are folks in our Slack that can answer those questions, we let everyone know by putting a special Slack badge on the post.

We’re just getting started. We’ve got a few more ideas we’d like to try. For now, check out the job board and sign up for our newsletter to hear about the latest jobs.

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