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From @chaseclemons – Marketing Is Dead (And Obsolete). Long Live Customer Loyalty!
“Customers have seen and heard enough. People don’t buy from you just because you invested in an ad. Don’t focus on attracting customers if you don’t have a plan to retain them. Loyalty is the new currency. Loyal (and repeat) customers are the ones who keep your lights on and doors open, and are most likely to advocate for your brand.”

From @scott – Career Development: What It Really Means to be a Manager, Director, or  VP
“That said, I do believe there are three meaningful levels in management and it’s important to understand the differences among them.  I can’t tell you the number of times someone has sincerely asked me “what does it take to be a director” or “how can I develop myself into a VP.””

From @krompson by @micahbennett – 4 Rules of Improv and How They Relate to Customer Support
“I couldn’t help but be struck by how the principles also have relevance to how we help users in customer support. Though maybe that shouldn’t be surprising, as in support we’re often handed a situation and asked to react to what develops, much like a sketch comic.”

From @philt – Collaborative Overload
“In our quest to reap the rewards of collaboration, we have inadvertently created open markets for it without recognizing the costs. What can leaders do to manage these demands more effectively?”

From @mercer – How Introverts Can Survive A Collaborative Workspace
“The collaborative workspace trend, where employees are encouraged to work in teams with little space or privacy, is slowly taking over the corporate world. Although many employees love the transparency and open door policies this trend has brought, this is truly a nightmarish working situation for introverts. But with this open floor plan only growing in popularity, how will introverts handle the change? Here are some tips for how introverts can survive a collaborative workspace.”

From @mrpatto – Culture Eats Strategy: Nucor’s Ken Iverson on Building a Different Kind of Company
“Our executives wouldn’t have it any other way. They see our egalitarian culture serving their interests as much as the interests of our employees. For one thing, our managers don’t have to waste time fretting over their chances to get the fancy corner office or arguing over who gets to use the company plane. We don’t have those perks, and we imagine they would cause a lot more stress than fulfillment. What a bunch of nonsense! Chasing meaningless status symbols and tokens of power”

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