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From @troy – Why Customer Success Means the End of Salespeople
“Customer Success teams allow you to build trust. Prospective customers are not only evaluating the product to see if they can trust it, but also the people behind it. They are not likely to be swayed by the strength of a company’s salesforce. But knowing that they can depend on Customer Success for great ongoing support when they need it — is critical.”

From @chaseclemons by @elizabeth – Product development is broken: Empower your customer-facing teams
“Whether we’re talking about Support folks who answer questions and solving problems or Community people who are monitoring and talking with people who use the company’s product, these employees are your customer-facing teams and their expertise and knowledge is worth its (proverbial) weight in gold. Every day, you pay them to talk to real people who use the actual products your company makes in order to stay in business, and yet these teams are rarely part of the product roadmap process or communications planning.”

From @emilychapman – Diversifying Engineering Referrals at Pinterest
“We then posed a challenge to the team to refer 10x more candidates from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds and 2x more women over the next six weeks. During the period of our challenge, we saw a 24 percent increase in the percent of women referred and a 55x increase in the percentage of candidates from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.”

From @hoon – Unless I hear differently
“There’s nothing to install or setup besides your own sense of responsibility and clarity about what’s next for each project.”

From @ashley – UX vs CX: Which is more important?
“You’ve probably heard the terms UX and CX, and how they’re the key to your company’s success. Many still aren’t clear, however about what the difference is between the two concepts. Perhaps you’re under the impression that only one of them is worth investing in, or that they’re both the same thing. Do you need to put more focus on one over the other? It’s an important question to ask — I mean, why waste resources on something irrelevant? For this reason, we wanted to give you a clear overview of the concepts and help you determine which is more important: UX or CX?”

From @davechapman – Hoffice Turns Your Apartment Into A Free—And Incredibly Productive—Coworking Space
“In the morning, 10 or 12 people might show up at someone’s apartment in Stockholm, as an article in a local paper explains. They perch on the host’s sofa, sit at the kitchen table, and take phone calls in the bedroom. And by filling the space with people at work—and by setting up an unconventional structure for the day—everyone seems to find it easier to focus.”

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