I’m a big believer in the long view when it comes to a career. Relationships are key to a successful and enjoyable career. Conferences can be a fantastic way to form and cultivate professional relationships.

The problem is so few conferences do anything meaningful to help attendees when it comes to building relationships. Most of them just throw you into a room together and it’s up to you to make something happen.

With SupConf, we’re taking a different approach. We’re not leaving those valuable opportunities to get to know each other and have meaningful conversations to chance. We’re designing the conference experience to encourage and facilitate conversations amongst everyone at the event.

One way we’re doing that is limiting the number of tickets we sell to 100.

You might think that having more people at an event would lead to more conversations. But I’ve found the opposite to be true. The bigger the event, the less likely people are to talk to each other. I’ve been to conferences with as many as 3000+ attendees and as few as 100. Invariably, I always had more conversations and more fun at smaller events.

We’re starting with 100 attendees plus speakers, organizers and sponsors for the first SupConf. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for everyone to engage in multiple conversations with each other throughout the 2 days of the event. 

Magic happens when small groups of people get together.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you should join us at SupConf. Tickets go on sale and we’ll be announcing our beautiful venue when we launch our Kickstarter to spread the message. The plan is to announce the Kickstarter in our chat at next Tuesday at 9 am PST, followed by an announcement in the newsletter at 10 AM PST and then on the site and Twitter at 11 AM PST. 

I hope to see you at SupConf in May!

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