In the early days of SupConf, before it was called SupConf, we called it ChaseCampBaseCamp. Someone had thrown out the idea of hosting a conference on Chase Clemons’ farm and like so many great and silly ideas, it stuck.

While the idea of organizing a ‘Woodstock for support’ on a farm certainly has it’s appeal, probably more so for us than Chase, we decided that SupConf should be a smaller event in a space that encourages conversation among attendees.

I’m excited to announce we’ve found that space with Automattic HQ in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful space and we’ve started planning how we can use it for talks, breaks, breakout sessions, and dinners. With help from Automattic, SupConf is going to be the place to be for career-minded support professionals.

I hope you’ll join us for SupConf in May. Tickets go on sale with our Kickstarter launch tomorrow!

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