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From @brunovieira – Amazon’s customer service backdoor
“For users, be extremely careful with the information you share. Even big companies like Amazon can’t keep it safe, they’re far from the worst.”

From @newinstone – Customer service best practices: Making social media a two-way conversation
“When it comes to your business’ customer service strategy, social media can simultaneously be your brand’s most valuable ally and its most intimidating nemesis.”

By @blake – We Filed 100 Support Tickets To Find Out How To Send Better Customer Service Email Auto-Replies
“We wanted to see how other companies answered these questions. So we launched an experiment.
Let’s file a bunch of support tickets to see what kind of auto-replies we get.

Let’s file 100 of them. Here’s how it went.”

By simon.ouderkirk – Leading a Remote Team: Roundup!
“I was chatting with a friend from my SUNY Binghamton days about working remotely, and he was asking me a bit about the way that remote leadership works – how to approach it, how to convince folks that you can lead teams remotely effectively and without hassle, etc.”

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