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Shared by @emilyk – 7 Ways to Soften the ‘No’
“Support reps are all too familiar with the discomfort of telling customers they can’t have everything they want. We know better than to “apologize for the inconvenience,” but these conversations can still make us squirm.”

Shared by @chaseclemons – Knowing the Words is Half the Battle
“Perhaps the biggest obstacle to gaining skills in a given domain is knowing the right words. Being a beginner is intimidating because you don’t speak the same language as experts, who have often forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner.”

Shared by @jeffvincent – Ten questions for work that matters

What’s your most memorable support experience?
“I asked a few of my friends and colleagues what support experiences stood out in their minds. Some shared interactions that they themselves handled, and a few are stories of their experience as a customer. Here’s what they said.”


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