Every week, folks from the Support Driven community share what they’re reading and watching in #reads.
Shared by @chaseclemons – Working Remotely Means Making Your Own Signals
“Having no signals can also allow for, or in some way legitimize, the inclination for a lot of tech workers to put in just one more – one more ticket, one more pull request. This is how you end up working far into the night, really letting your work overflow the bucket you had set out for it.”

Shared by @mercer – Build a Customer Feedback Machine
“How to Create (and Maintain) a Customer Feedback Process for the Whole Team”

How to Find, Interview and Hire Your First Customer Service Agent
“You’ve hit a tipping point, and you need help. Use this guide to make the best hire you possibly can.”

How to Plan Fun and Productive Company Retreats
“But there’s a special magic that happens when we get the entire team together in a room, on a ski slope, or in a bowling alley on our retreats.”

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