As much as we’d like for everyone to come to SupConf, we know it’s not an option for all of you. So we reached out to several of our sponsors about doing something nice for folks that can’t make it to San Francisco in May.

And they delivered in spades.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, I’m excited to announce the I Heart Support Bundle on our Kickstarter project. If you choose this reward, you’ll get videos from SupConf and the sponsors below will ship some of their sweet, sweet swag to you in July.

Many of our sponsors are finalizing new designs and details around the swag they’ll have to offer this year so we can’t show you exactly what you’ll be getting. What you can expect is an assortment of t-shirts, stickers, notebooks and more from the sponsors below in July.

The Yeomen

We’re still adding sponsors, so check this page at the end of our Kickstarter to see all the fine companies that’ll send some love your way in July.

Head over to our Kickstarter to claim this reward.

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