We launched the Kickstarter for SupConf on February 2nd and the response has been tremendous. I’m amazed and grateful that the community has shown so much support for getting SupConf off the ground. We hit our funding goal in about an hour and with 84 backers, we’re getting really close to hitting our stretch goal of 100!

As we mentioned in the Kickstarter video, we hoped to do more than one event and in more than one city. The first one is in May in San Francisco and we don’t know when and where the second one will be yet. We do know that we want to bring the SupConf experience to as many folks as we can, so that means bringing it to the East coast/Eastern time zone.

We’re focused on working with our speakers and designing an amazing conference for you in May so we won’t have answers to those questions yet. We’ll be engaging with the community to find a great place to host SupConf East when the time is right. If you know of a space or a company that we could work with, get in touch! In the meantime, we’d like to show some appreciation for the fine folks backing us on Kickstarter by giving them first access to the super early access tickets when we open the doors to SupConf East.

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