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Shared by @andrewspittle – Shields Down: Happy People Don’t Leave Jobs They Love
“Resignations happen in a moment, and it’s not when you declare, “I’m resigning.” The moment happened a long time ago…”

Written by @mrpatto – How Top Customer Service Teams Measure Performance
“Customer service is a highly measurable activity. Call volume, chat times, resolution rates, interaction counts, and myriad other numbers are more easily recorded and measured today than ever before. We can produce endless pages of reporting, slicing and sorting data like a Fruit Ninja world champion.”

Written by @adam.rogers – All Marketers Are Liars – Book Review, Summary, Notes and Quotes
“All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World, is essentiality an extension of Purple Cow, but teaches you more fundamentals on redirecting your attention from your remarkable product and onto building awareness and in-turn success.”

Shared by @mercenator – Your Voice is Puppeteering an Avatar in my Brain
“The entire progression from gesture to voice remains as a vestigial pathway in our brains. And this is why I so easily imagine my friend gesturing at me as I listen to his voice.”

Shared by @chaseclemons – 16 Customer Service Skills That Drive Every Business
“You will find a list of 16 essential customer service skills every employee needs to win new customers, increase loyalty and build long-term advocacy. Each skill is backed by research and provides an actionable tip to quickly develop it across each level of your organization.”

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