A large part of the value of conferences is in the relationships and connections you make. Most conferences approach this by throwing people into a room with drinks.

We think there’s a better way. That’s why we’re organizing a “birds of a feather” dinner instead of a party.

Would you like to talk about support-related topics that aren’t covered in our themes? Working on a goal for this year and wondering how other teams are approaching it? If you’ve got questions and ideas you’d like to explore with 100 or so support folks from a wide range of companies, the birds of a feather dinner is a fantastic opportunity for it.

How it works: we’ll ask attendees to suggest topics and questions related to the topic ahead of SupConf. Everyone votes for the topic they’d like to talk about on the first morning of SupConf. We’ll pick out the most popular topics and set up tables to host conversations around those topics. During dinner, you’re encouraged to move among the tables and participate in the conversations that are most interesting to you.

We’re working with Shervin Talieh and the fine folks of PartnerHero to host this dinner for you. Shervin has been part of the Support Driven community since the earliest days and we’ll be sharing more details around the dinner as we get closer to May.

Get your invite to our birds of a feather dinner by getting a ticket to SupConf through our Kickstarter!

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