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Shared by @kaylabrehm – The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers
“In this interview, Reinhardt draws from his extensive evaluation of tools to share how and when resource-constrained startups should select them. Here, he weighs in on the build-versus-buy debate, provides recommendations on which tools to consider across eight distinct categories, outlines the pitfalls to avoid when choosing tools and when to declare tools successful.”

Shared by @mackesque – Blameless PostMortems and a Just Culture
“We instead want to view mistakes, errors, slips, lapses, etc. with a perspective of learning. Having blameless Post-Mortems on outages and accidents are part of that.”

Written by @andrewspittle – A Note on Feedback
“If timely and meaningful feedback is your goal then spending 10 hours to put it together is near-impossible. If regular and incremental growth in a person’s work is your goal then an avalanche of ideas for improvement inhibits that.”

Shared by @awurama – The Perfect Email Is Short, Simple, And Not Too Emotional
“Please try to write better emails, for all of us.”

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