Thanks to WistiaOlarkSimple, and Zendesk believing in support as a career, we’re happy to announce the scholarship program for SupConf! Their generosity in our Kickstarter project made our hopes for scholarships a reality.


SupConf will be the conference for people who see support as their career. We’re building in opportunities to learn from and build relationships with others. And we want to ensure that a diverse group of people share in that experience. There are lots of reasons good folks can’t make it to SupConf. We’re setting aside a few tickets so it will be easier for them to come.

Think that all sounds great? Wondering what you have to do to apply? Read on!

A scholarship ticket to SupConf covers:

To apply please fill out the form below by March 23rd. We’ll review applications shortly after that and everyone will hear from us by March 29th. [Update: Thank you everyone for your applications. We’ll be in touch by the 29th!]

We’re looking forward to seeing you at SupConf!

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