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Written by @simon.ouderkirk – Customer Support is the Last Mile for SaaS Companies
“For many would-be customers of SaaS products, that final connection, that link between an enthusiastic customer and your stored value, is your support staff. When they are able to work effectively, a good support team can multiply the value of the product, because not only are they solving individual customer problems, they’re flipping the switch for that customer, creating that last mile connection that otherwise would never have existed, leaving a customer disconnected from the value that you can offer them.”

Shared by @mercer – Chaos Monkey Your Team
“Chaos Monkey is a tool that Netflix created to turn the volume on system testing to 11. If it is vital for you to be fault tolerant and flexible, you need to prove that it the case, and the only real way to do this is to break things in production and see what happens.”

Shared by @fool – The Hiring Post
“Being good at navigating hiring processes requires a basket of skills that isn’t correlated with job performance. The world is full of people who can speak expertly about programming, but can’t effectively code. The majority of people who can code can’t do it well in an interview. Our hiring process therefore systematically misprices candidates. It’s a moral problem and a market failure. Profit from its correction.”

Shared by @kaylabrehm – Is Blind Hiring the Best Hiring?
“Most companies say they want to attract a diverse workforce, but few deliver. The only solution may be a radical one: anonymity.”


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