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From Juliet Kellog – Thoughts on Gender and Radical Candor
“Gender politics and fear of tears push men away from being as radically candid with women as they are with other men. This is bad for men, women and the truth. Gender bias pushes women away from being radically candid in a way that is also bad for men, women and the truth.”

From Scott Tran – Tear It Down
“I deeply believe in the power of the individual, but I also believe that in order to build epic shit at scale, a colorful tapestry of talent and degrees of experience is essential. And when I say colorful, I mean people who often don’t get along precisely because of this diversity.”

From Mary M – The Magical Benefits of the ‘Quitter’s Mindset’
“If you have a job that doesn’t fit the rhythm with which you want to live your life, you should commit to learning what you can from the experience so you can ultimately move on to something that does.”

By Andrea Badgley – What can I contribute?
“I had lots of to-dos — lots of work –but there were no ambitions, no results, other than the completed task. The biggest, and most important question was missing: the Why?”


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