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From Scott Tran – Career Advice No One Tells You
“People think that if they just get a job at a company like Facebook or Goldman Sachs, then they’ll be set for life.

Not true. Having the right mentor is the real key.

Not only will you learn a ridiculous amount just by being around successful people in your field, you’ll also get into their “inner circle” if you can prove that you’re legit.

And then you will have more opportunities than ever before.”

From Sukh Anand – This Googler Explains How To Design Your Time Rather Than Manage It
“For many of us, work can feel like a never-ending cycle of long meetings, overflowing inboxes, and urgent demands. No matter how fast we go or how hard we work, there’s far more to do every day than there is time to do it.

That’s a recipe for burnout, and it’s one that many time management strategies aren’t always cut out for avoiding. Sometimes that’s because “managing” time starts from the premise that your workload is going to be what it’s going to be, and the best you can do is keep it “manageable.” But what if you could design your workday instead? Sure, it’s partly just a shift in mind-set—from small-scale tactics to big-picture strategy—but it can be transformative.”

From Pat East – If You’re Going It Alone, You Are Missing Out
The most successful people not only work well with others, they depend on them. And they’re quick to build — and appreciate — a team of people around them.

From TJ Stein – Firing People
“How can we fix the firing process if we’re not even talking about it first?”

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