Most people look at conferences as a way to network. Sure, there will be the one-off piece of hyper-valuable information imparted in passing through a quick slide in a presentation, or maybe even the potential job opportunity uncovered over drinks but, for the most part, conferences are whirlwind events where you meet as many people as possible, snag business cards and, inevitably, forget all of those names by the time you’re done. Right?

Wrong. We’ve built a conference based on community first and focused on providing extensive learning in the support industry while still giving the opportunity to network if that’s your bag. Not sure what I mean? Here’s some of what you can expect at SupConf:

  • Birds-of-a-feather dinner featuring small table conversations on topics you, the attendees, voted on.
  • An intimate gathering of 100 top professionals in the support industry
  • Focused themes to help conceptually group talks together—you’ll always know what’s coming.
  • A carefully crafted environment to provide opportunities for all kinds of learners

Are you the type of person who likes to talk to the duck, as it were? Get your talking fix met and hear how other people are tackling similar problems in our roundtable discussions at dinner. Suggest topics that speak to what you’re focusing on, whether we’ve talked about it during the conference or not. Bring your goals for the year and chat them out over stories, anecdotes and delicious food with your peers.

More of the quiet type? Camp out in our conference halls to seep up as much of that good, good learning as you can.

Less is more, and we’ve tried to stick to that with limiting the number of tickets available to just 100. Not only does this create a more intimate environment for learning and discussion, but it helps us keep the quality of the discussion and talks high.

Not sure if SupConf is for you? We’ve tried to select talks that apply to all walks of life when it comes to support: working with product, changing the conversation around support, improving team performance, owning your career, and putting data to work. Some may work for you and some might be things you’re already familiar with. Take what you need and leave the rest—that just means you’ll have more time for that sweet networking that we talked about earlier.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join the conversation in the Support Driven community and expand your knowledge in the support sphere. Snag one of those 100 exclusive tickets to SupConf 2016 today!

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