We invited the community to write as part of a 4 week long writing challenge. Several folks rose to the challenge – check out their writing below.

Talk To The Team Closest To The Customer Experience by Juliet Kellogg
The product team can always prioritize and keep customer service in check too, but we need to speak up for the customer. If the front line people don’t, no one will, and this data is valuable stuff!

It’s Okay Not to Know by Chase Clemons
As a customer, I’m fine with a support rep not knowing a specific answer. It’s the lack of effort to find the answer that’s the real crime.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Kickass Self-Service Screencasts by Diana Potter
While screencasts are a bit more work than a written how-to, they’re completely worth it. Your customers will be able to see and hear what’s happening and will know for sure the steps they need to take, as opposed to written documentation where you can’t visually cover every element.

Support Driven Compensation Survey: Looking at Gender Pay by Brian Kerr
I’m really impressed as a profession, and a community on how we’re doing; though progress has to be made to make the gender salary gap non existent. The team lead data isn’t great to see, but I’m confident with more salaries from women reported the gap wouldn’t be as big and shedding light on the gap can help shrink it.

2016 Support Driven Compensation Survey – Analysis By Gender by Sahra Santosha
I wanted to know what the average salary was for each combination of gender, years of experience, role, and local cost of living so I could better compare apples to apples. This also helped me to better understand the breakdown of gender in each role and experience level.

Visualizing the Support Driven Survey by Simon Ourderkirk
With similar medians and with Non-Remote enjoying a higher 3rd Quartile and Max salary, we can see that the highest paid folks tended to be Non Remote. HOWEVER, look at the minimum and first quartile; the folks making below the median wage tended to make LESS when they were Non Remote.”

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