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From Phil Thompson – Why Books Are the Ultimate Mentors in Life
“I see reading as mentorship. I truly believe in the environment and its effect on your behaviour and outcomes. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” says Jim Rohn. I couldn’t agree more with it. If you spend an hour hanging out with a person or you spend an hour reading a book, the book becomes one out of five people you hang out with. If you read successful people, people who spent years researching and writing the book, you instantly become richer, smarter and ready to grow more.”

From Sandeep Kaur – How I’ve Managed to Grow My Career Without Managing People

“Rather than waiting for my manager to delegate projects to me, he expected and trusted me to come up with and prioritize projects on my own, as well as make critical decisions about how to execute those projects.”

From Brian Kerr – Customer Success as a Function of Your Business
“Whatever your product or service, you’ll do well when you focus on your customers. Again, when you empower people through knowledge and tools, your own success is an inevitable byproduct. And we can all feel good about making other people’s lives better.”

By James Doman-Pipe – How I messed up a remote training session (and what I did to ace the next one)
“This is my story on how I completely messed up my first completely remote training session, and how I literally did 50% better in the next one. Hopefully, my tips will help you overcome your own remote training challenges so you can drive the training impact you need in your own sessions.”

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