SupConf is a few weeks away, but the experience starts before the conference. We’re creating a private channel for everyone coming to SupConf this week in the Support Driven Slack. If you’re an attendee, speaker, or sponsor, you’ll receive an invitation.

The online experience

We’ve got a few things planned for SupConf before the event and we’ll be using the channel to coordinate and talk about those things. We’ll be sharing details around suggesting and selecting topics for the Birds of a Feather Dinner at SupConf soon. And there’s more to come as we get closer to the event!

Build relationships ahead of the event

So much of a conference’s value comes from the people you meet and the relationships you build at the event. Now, you’ll have the chance to meet everyone online and build those relationships before SupConf happens in May. It’s an opportunity to swap stories, share tips and recommendations about what to do and eat in San Francisco, and make a few friends.

Learn the code of conduct

Every community has a vibe, and that’s partly written down in our code of conduct and we ask that everyone reads it. However, we think being a part of the community and engaging with other folks in the community is a much more effective way to understand the community and the code of conduct.

SupConf started from the Support Driven community and it’s a natural fit for us to extend the SupConf experience before and after the event with the Support Driven Slack. I’m super excited about bringing so many fine folks in the support community together online and in person. If this sounds good to you, you’re welcome to join us.

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