Hi there! My name is Ashley, and I’m a proud member of the Customer Success team at Wildbit.



Customer Success at Wildbit
Defining Customer Success is no easy task. It often depends on the company and how the founders measure success. For us at Wildbit, our goal is simple: To help our customers do their job better.

We want them to be happy, even if that means telling them that our product isn’t a natural fit. My colleague, Chris Bowler covered the subject nicely in the article, “Defining Customer Success”. Our team focuses a lot on education. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers become better developers by promoting best practices through blogs, guides, and demos. Empathizing with our customers, and understanding their pain and frustrations help us to build better products, and as a byproduct we get to wake up and do our job again tomorrow.

What we do
We support 3 web applications: Beanstalk, Postmark, and DeployBot. It’s truly a privilege to work alongside a group of talented, motivated, and humble people. Currently, there are 6 of us on the Success team. I spend the majority of my time supporting (proactively and reactively) Beanstalk and DeployBot. Depending on the day, I’ll find myself walking a customer through how to setup Git for the first time, or writing guides and blogs to help developers improve their process. While there are endless tasks to complete throughout the day, my priority is to make sure I’m helping our customers get the most out of our products.

Today is my day to take my daughter to daycare. Needless to say, I’m up early. I like to start my day by meditating, and reading for about a half hour. Then I open Todoist and start planning my day. What do I need to get accomplished? What is most important? What’s for dinner? After that, I’m off to workout for a bit. Since this is my morning to get my daughter up and ready to go, I do a home workout with my Sworkit app for about 30 minutes to get my heart pumping. After a shower, I’m ready to greet my little human when she awakes.

Now that I’ve already planned my day, it’s time to get moving and have breakfast with my family. Today, the hubby and I are having a protein shake. We’ll normally make eggs, toast, and fruit for my daughter. After breakfast, we spend a few minutes reading, or playing with the wooden alphabet puzzle set she loves. Finally, we’re off to daycare and I’m heading downtown to my favorite coworking space in Atlanta.

*Credits to Roam Innovative Office


Time to open Slack and sort through emails. I take a few moments to review cases from the previous day. I check to see if there are any updates on an issue that’s been quite frustrating for a few of our customers. If there is an update, I make sure to followup with the customer, and let them know I’ll continue to keep them in the loop once it’s resolved. After reviewing the Slack channels, and older cases, I’m ready to dig into the queue. It’s time to open Spotify and turn on the film scores! Listening to film scores makes me feel unstoppable in the queue — especially the Gladiator soundtrack. :-)

Now that I’ve cleared my queue, I’ll check and see which success goals I could tackle today. Even though today my focus is support, when I have free time, I like to see what small wins I can accomplish. This involves looking through our help articles to see if any written content or screenshots need to be updated. My motto is: Small wins lead to big wins. The last thing you want is a customer telling you that your help articles are not up to date.



It’s time for a short break. Sometimes, I’ll go for a short walk to clear my head, or to think of a solution to a customer’s problem. I’ll even pop in the Support Driven Slack group and see what’s going on, and say hello to any newcomers. It’s always interesting to hear the experiences of others and how they cope with challenges at work. Now I’ll check our company’s Twitter account to see if we have any questions or interesting tweets that need responses. I’ll also take a moment and follow up on any cases that need my attention. If I have any technical questions, beyond my scope of expertise, this is when I’ll reach out to our developers and have a quick chat with them.

Lunch couldn’t get here soon enough! Since I’m working downtown today, I’ll take advantage of UberEats. I login and check to see what’s on the menu and request curbside delivery. I’ll also take this time to chat with others at the workspace, or call the hubby to see if he’s free to grab lunch together since he works close by.

Back to work now, which means, more film scores. Now I’m manning live chat and the queue. It’s quite busy now as most of customers on the west coast have started working. Again, today is my support focused day, so tomorrow will be quite different. To prepare for the shift, I’ll use this time to chat with colleague to see what Success tasks have priority this week. I have a few pieces of written content I’m working on. I’ll take a moment to see if I have any recent cases related to topics I’m writing about. This way, I can help our customers in the best possible way, considering all of their needs and pain points.

Check internal emails, and make sure all the complex cases that need another set of eyes on them are being addressed. It’s 3pm and some colleagues are heading home at this hour depending on where they live. If there’s anything pressing that needs a developer’s attention, now is the time to bring it up. I check the Twitter feed again, and prepare to wrap up and head home. To avoid any traffic delays, I’ll leave now to go home and beat traffic. One of the benefits of working at Wildbit, is that our schedule can be flexible. The culture here is amazing and the family friendly environment isn’t mere lip service. As a remote employee, I’ve never felt out of the loop or guilty for taking my daughter to the doctor or simply spending time with her. We take our work seriously, but we also understand the benefits of recharging away from work. Having a job that respects your personal time, helps you to reciprocate the favor by being productive when working on their time.

Now I’m back in the queue, trying to wrap up any lingering cases, and prepare my task list for tomorrow. If I’ve worked on any help articles or guides during downtime, I’ll use send my work over to a colleague to review to make sure I’m not missing anything significant. Once I get the vote of approval, I update any help articles I’ve worked on and log them in our internal system. Since the support load is slowing down now, I’ll reach out to any customers in limbo that I hadn’t heard from to make sure they’re all set. I think I’ll have one more round of coffee, not for work — but I’ll need it for chasing my daughter around the park today.



I’m done with work for now, and it’s time to take my daughter to the park and get dinner going. Depending on the day, dinner can be takeout or freshly made at home. Since cooking is quite relaxing for me — I’ll take the latter. I prepare dinner and spend time with family for the rest of the evening. I may pop back online for a few minutes later to make sure nothing catastrophic has happened. But for the most part, I need to recharge and spending time with my family is the best remedy for me. :-)



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