It’s been an unpredictable year.

Even now, the idea that a few hundred people hanging out in Slack could launch a professional conference seems far fetched. Yet, here we are one year later and just a few weeks away from SupConf.

Having never organized a conference before, I knew I needed help. Fortunately, I knew a few people in the Support Driven community with experience in this exact area. They listened to my difficult questions and while they didn’t always have an answer for me, it was a tremendous help in finding my own answers. They were instrumental in helping me navigate all the ups and downs, twists and turns that have come with organizing SupConf.

It’s been amazing and I’ve started thinking about how to connect community members so we can learn from and help each other through the challenges we face in our careers. Something like mastermind groups for support professionals… but with a better name!

Would you join a small group of 2-4 folks from the Support Driven community to ask each other the difficult questions? The sensitive questions? The ones that you can’t ask in our chat room with hundreds of people in it?

Would it help you and would you be willing to help others? DM me in the Support Driven Slack if you think something like this would help you.

And if you have suggestions for what we could call it.

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