With close to 1,000 members, the Support Driven chat has become a place to get wonderful encouragement and insight from support pros. We’ve talked about tools, hiring and applying for positions, sticky support situations, food, going above and beyond with support, funny stories and more food. Not everyone has time to pop in and out of chat to keep up. The weekly newsletter and #meta provide weekly highlights. A big part of being in a community, though, is not only to read what someone else has said about a topic, but to participate in the discussion. After all, each discussion is created by the participants. That’s why we have something new to present!

We’re calling it “Ask Support Driven” and it will be our own live advice column for support pros. Instead of one “Super Support Statesperson” giving advice, everyone gets to chime in. How is this different from an AMA, you might ask? Our goal here is to not hear from a small handful of experts. Everyone in the chat has something to contribute, and we really want to hear your ideas!

Story time! When I first joined the Support Driven community almost a year and a half ago, I didn’t think I had much to contribute. After all, I help manage support at a small e-commerce company, not a SaaS or software company. I’ve since learned that supporting people has a common thread, no matter what your role. From B2B to B2C, from software, hardware, e-commerce to subscriptions, we all run into similar situations. If you’ve had a chance to solve an issue in support, we want to hear about your experience, so please share!

Here’s the logistics:

  • Send your burning support questions to Scott (scott@supportdriven.com) and we’ll pick one question each week.
  • The question will be shared in the newsletter first so everyone has a chance to think about the topic, and gather resources if you have them (or write a blog post, even).
  • We’ll share the question in our Slack on Wednesdays at 9:00 am US Pacific Time (4:00 pm GMT) and facilitate answers to the question.
  • Finally, we’ll share the results with you in that week’s newsletter.
  • As always, we encourage the sharing of any blog posts with follow-up thoughts in #reads.


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