SUPCONF is a conference for learning and growing. We want to encourage as many conversations as possible, so you can leave the event with a wealth of new knowledge.

One new way we’re bringing this to life at SUPCONF NYC is through lightning talks. Lightning talks will be 5 minutes and 20 slides, which will automatically advance every 15 seconds. This is content boiled down to only the most powerful takeaways.

We want attendees to decide which talks they’re excited to hear, and we’ll be asking them to vote on their favorite pitches to determine the final lineup. 

So if you can enlighten us in 5 minutes, consider submitting a talk.

How lightning talks are different from SUPCONF talks:

  • 5 min, 20 slides, auto advancing – 1 takeaway
  • No theme requirement (talk about whatever you like — it just has to be compelling enough for attendees to vote for it!)
  • No talk development program (but @nykki will be available to help you work through ideas)
  • You’ll cover the cost of your own ticket.

We’ll be sharing another post on the blog later this week that will give you more details around the lightning talk format, why we chose it, and how to submit a good talk proposal. Stay tuned!

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