Earlier this week, we announced lightning talks as a new addition to SUPCONF NYC.

We chose this format because it’s quite different from our featured talks. They’re much shorter, so you’ll quickly get lots of valuable takeaways. And we can feature more great ideas that wouldn’t necessarily fit into a featured talk or from people who are newer to public speaking.

SUPCONF lightning talks will be very similar to Ignite Talks (but NOT Ignite Talks. SUPCONF lightning talks. Because trademarks.)

Why give a lightning talk?

First and foremost, because you have a great idea. Speaking means sharing a story for others to learn from, and that’s what SUPCONF is all about. Attendees at SUPCONF are eager to hear about new ways they can further their careers and improve support at their organizations.

Secondly, this is a great format for speakers of all levels, especially beginners. The length and established structure give you a formula for success. All you have to do is follow the plan and practice.

How it works

You get 5 minutes and 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. There is no theme requirement. Attendees will be voting on their favorite proposals, and the final lineup will consist of a variety of topics.

With such a short length of time, there’s not a minute to waste. Your statements should be succinct, and your slides should be snappy!

How to apply

We’ll open the doors for proposals (and post full details) on the 6th. In the meantime, feel free to get started on your pitch and slides. You can submit with or without slides, but we highly recommend including them. We’ll be featuring a weekly roundup of submitted slides before the voting kicks off, whereas proposals without slides won’t be revealed until we open the polls.

Pro tips

Stay tuned to our newsletter for details on how to submit your slides. 

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