If you’re going to SUPCONF NYC, you probably already know that we’ll be doing lightning talks as a new way to facilitate conversations and learning for everyone in attendance.

We started accepting applications for talks earlier this month, and we’ve got tons of great proposals from people who are excited to tell their stories. As a reminder, attendees will be voting on proposals to determine the final lineup, and we can’t wait to share the full list with you next week.

In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peak at proposals from two community members who went the extra mile to submit slides with their applications.

First up is @peter from Olark, whose talk on “How to think about service like a product designer” is a fresh idea that’s got me super interested to learn more, especially about that pretty double-diamond model that appears on several of his slides.

“What does “great service” mean to you? “Great service” can mean very different things to different people, but this talk will present a simple, holistic framework that anyone can use to evaluate the quality, speed, and efficiency of their service interactions, inspired by classic design principles.” – Peter Shin, Olark

Next is @md from Illuminate Education, who was one of the first people to express interest in lightning talks. His proposal “How to troubleshoot anything (and generally be more awesome at life)” and beautifully-designed slides have me ready to take on the inbox (and the world)!

“Becoming a kick-ass troubleshooter is essential to your career (and yes, let’s admit it, to life in general). But good troubleshooters are made not born. Spend a quick five minutes mastering the universal troubleshooting framework that will speed you to the heart of any problem — from puzzling household plumbing to complex SaaS software. There’s no problem you won’t be able to solve.” – Matt Dale, Illuminate Education

Voting will happen in Slack next Tuesday, 9/27, and run through Tuesday 10/4. Stay tuned to #supconf-nyc-2016 to vote!


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