Building relationships with folks you meet is a huge part of the value for any conference. It’s something we think about all the time with SUPCONF and we’re always looking for new ways to connect attendees.

One of the ways we’ve approached this is by designing conversation into SUPCONF so you’ll meet a lot of other attendees during the event. This worked out really well at the first SUPCONF in SF, but it also introduced a problem. We heard from several SF attendees that it was difficult to keep track of all the people they met and wanted to connect with after the conference.

For SUPCONF NYC, we’re experimenting with a printed booklet to address this challenge.

The booklet features an attendee directory that we hope you’ll use to make note of the people that you meet during the event. After the event, the booklet will be a handy way to remember and reconnect to all the wonderful people you’ve met.

And if you’ve been been active in the Support Driven Slack, SUPCONF brings together a lot of the folks you’ve been talking to. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to find them at the conference and sign each other’s booklet, like a yearbook!

In order to be in the booklet, you’ll need to be registered (we’ll use your name and company name) by October 21st. If you’re not registered yet, you can do so here. If you’re in the Support Driven Slack, we’ll also include your profile picture. And of course, you can choose to not be listed in the attendee book as well.

We’re excited to experiment with adding a booklet to the SUPCONF experience and we’re looking forward to seeing how you’ll use it in November! Until then, check out some early design prototypes for the booklet from @andrewtlove.

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