In July of this year, we kicked off a new feature here called Ask Support Driven. The idea was to focus discussion on a single topic for a short while and give everyone a chance to participate, share resources and problem solve.

The Success

It’s been a success overall. We’ve had some wonderfully thought-provoking questions on everything from career and networking growth to team management and training. Having a set time where the topic is known in advance gave us all a chance to think over the question and gather resources, which is an important window for those who don’t do as well with the fast-paced conversations that can occur in a busy Slack channel.

The Difficulty

The difficulty we’ve found with our Wednesday chat is that often people are tied up with their very real and pressing jobs. Meetings, inbox queues, chatsplosions, timezones and more can make it nearly impossible to participate during that short window of time. This last week, a question we were really excited about didn’t get much attention at all because there were already two fascinating conversations going on. We wondered how to make Ask Support Driven less intrusive, yet still accessible.

The Solution

Scott, Sonya and I aim to give everyone who wants a voice in the weekly topic a chance to do so at a more relaxed pace. Each week, the new topic will be pinned to the new Slack channel #ask-support-driven and posted here on the Support Driven Blog. Everyone is free to add their thoughts, links, and additional questions to the discussion throughout the week as your schedule allows.

At the end of the week, the transcript will be copied over here to the blog. No more wondering what that article was someone linked, or trying to remember who it was who had that great tip for documentation. It will be searchable and live past the message limits of Slack.

Thanks so much for your comments, feedback, and flexibility as we try new things. It’s exciting to see us grow into a valued resource for customer support!

This week’s Ask

Undocumented asks: Any advice for getting the rest of the company onboard with creating documentation ? We don’t have a documentation team, and I’m not asking for everyone to write the documents, just submit a high-level overview.  It has been a constant struggle to have Product & Development teams create documentation for new features.

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