For most of us – writing is a part of our everyday world.  We respond to customers, we write help articles, and we create support documentation.  But do you ever get a chance to write for fun? Enter the Support Driven 6 Week Writing Challenge!

What is it?

The Writing Challenge is designed to be a fun way to encourage all of us to write more! The goal of the challenge is to write “One Presentable Piece a Week” for 6 weeks.  You are also welcome to set your own goals as well.  

Each week’s topic round starts on Monday.  You can share your post at any point during the week, and you can write using any tool choose.  

What do I write about?

Below we have shared some weekly topics, to help get your writing flowing.  You are welcome to write off-topic as well – these are just helpful if you are stuck!  

How do I share my pieces?

Share your pieces in the #challenge room in Support Driven with a #challenge tag, so we can all enjoy! Part of the fun here is the community – taking the time to read other’s work is highly encouraged.  

Where can I see all of the pieces compiled?

Each Monday of the challenge we will share a new blog post with any posts that were tagged in the #challenge room from the week before – this will help everyone find people’s posts in the future.  

What if I can’t make every week?

If you miss a week, no biggie – just pick up and keep going!

What happens at the end of 6 weeks?

Hopefully you’ve grown a new habit (and love) for writing :-) If you enjoyed the challenge, let us know, so we can plan more events like this in the future!


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