The theme for SUPCONF 2017 is relationships. As support professionals, we are constantly working on relationships. Having empathy, social awareness and compassion are at the core of our daily toolbox – but how does this affect our relationships with those around us?

While relationships can sometimes be difficult – they’re also quite rewarding. A strong relationship between your customer facing team and the folks developing your product creates paths to smoother bug resolution. Having an ally on the executive team lends a voice for your team’s needs. An open conversation between you and your customers can help highlight solid feature requests for future consideration.

Nurturing the relationships between our teams and the those around us can increase our cohesiveness, morale and general excitement about work. This connection is the difference between just working the daily queue, and feeling a part of our company and world around us.

We are excited to share stories about how you can improve these interactions, as well as celebrate positive the relationships they foster. To help spread our excitement, we’ve come up with a few example talk ideas for common relationships at work.

Internal Relationships with:

  • Your Team
    • How do you spread knowledge across your teammates?
    • How do you celebrate wins with your team?
  • Your Executives
    • How can you leverage an ally on the executive team, to get your team’s needs heard?
    • What data can you give your executive team, so they understand your capacity?
  • Your Product
    • Every product has bugs – how do you work with the development team to make sure they’re resolved?
    • How do you handle working with other teams during stressful situations, such as a downtime?
  • Your Company
    • How do you work with your HR team to create meaningful goals for you and your coworkers?
    • How do you work with your Sales and Marketing teams to set realistic expectations and ensure a consistent message to your users?

External Relationships with:

  • Your Customers
    • How do you handle disrespectful or inappropriate customers?
    • To Swag or Not to Swag – how do you reward your customers?
  • Your Community
    • How can you connect with others who view support the way you do?
    • How can you find support leadership mentors?
  • Social Media
    • Does support on social media create better experiences for your customers?
    • Public facing problems – how can you turn around a bad support experience when it is all out there on social media?

We hope these example topics give you ideas of stories and experiences you’d like to share!

We’ll be announcing the dates and location for SUPCONF Spring 2017 soon. Thinking about speaking or looking forward to early announcements? Join our newsletter so you don’t miss the call for speakers!

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