When I took a leap off of the corporate ladder there were a lot of things missing in my work life, but the biggest was feeling a connection and relationship to those around me.

Landing in Customer Support I quickly realized that these relationships weren’t instantly perfect, either. They took time, transparency, assertiveness, and a level of honesty I had not ever prepared myself for.

I started a Support Team, without truly knowing what a support team needed. I grew the team to 4 people across three time zones, without fully comprehending how this would change our relationships and how we interacted.

As the company grew, the Support team’s dependency on other groups grew too. We quickly learned that “faking it” wasn’t a strong enough relationship with our development team, and we had to get serious about how we connected across language, cultural and time zone barriers. At times, we clashed heads with the Sales team, learning how to communicate best between introverts and extroverts as we slowly handed over processes we were used to being fully in control of. We even found a voice in the leadership team — forming allies with our founders, to have a say when key decisions were being made.

This isn’t to say I have figured this all out. Most of this has been trial and error, early mornings, and a lot of to-do lists. The one constant through all of this has been that leading in Customer Support is completely about connections and relationships with others.

That is why we have decided to make relationships the theme for SUPCONF 2017. We’ll have amazing talks that touch on the relationships we have with our customers as well as the relationships we have within our companies. And that’s just the beginning – here are 3 more reasons for you to come to SUPCONF Spring 2017.

We’d love to have you join us! Don’t miss the early bird signup link below.


1 – Deeper talks focused on key points you can take back to your company

With the SUPCONF Talk Development Program, we work for weeks in advance with speakers to edit talks to include key points you can take back to your company.  You’ll also have a chance to dive deeper and create connections after the talks through breakout sessions directly with the speakers.

2 – Get 1:1 time to talk about your biggest challenge

Chances are good there will be someone at SUPCONF who has been where you are, or who is dealing with the same situation you are up against right now. What if we could help you meet them during the conference? We think it’s an idea worth trying. Want to participate? Tell us when you register your ticket and we’ll provide the pairings, space and time for the conversation.

3 – Take care of you with work/recharge time.

Are you the type who recharges by spending time alone, or by spending time with others?  Do you think your team will need a little help while you’re away?  We have set aside time and space for you to take care of things.  Use that time to: spend a few quiet moments to gather your thoughts, connect with other attendees, or get to inbox zero.


Get ready to take a deep dive into relationships

We’ve designed SUPCONF to be small enough that you’ll feel comfortable talking to people and you won’t feel like you’re lost in a crowd. That means there’s a limited number of tickets and an even smaller number of early bird tickets. They go on sale today, get your ticket by clicking on the link below.

YES! I want to be a part of SUPCONF Spring 2017 

Where will it be?

SUPCONF Spring 2017
March 20-21, 2017
Seattle, Washington 

Look for more details regarding venue and hotel recommendations early next year.

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